What a fantastic waste of time😂

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    Well at least you saved the project from getting an extra dependency 🙃
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    Just add something the other library cannot do and pretend that this was the reason for writing a new lib all along
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    Using 3rd party library is somehow overrated these days. Where's the fun of implementing something yourself? Where's the challenge? That's what's good, IMHO, about coding!
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    It would make sense, it that library does it better than the one you implemented.
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    @aditya23 Yes it all depends on use cases! But imagine that you have a closed source 3rd party library, if you want to change a single bit than it becomes unusable all of a sudden, and you didn't learn anything and you still don't know how to implement it yourself!
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    I agrre with the over snrtiment here:

    Your own code > 3rd larty library

    A library has lots of functionality that you don't need, using your own code will make your software smaller, less dependencias and you learned what the library does and how it does it.

    You could go in the lib's code, check how it does it and probably improve your own implementation.

    So, congrats on the not-wasted time!
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    I don't use 3rd party libs most of time but I download them and open to see the algorithms. If I see something useful, just copy that snippets. Of course I'm talking about open source libraries.
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    But then, your code is very buggy
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    @mundo03 @7Raiden @oudalally UNLESS it's a crypto library or something. Then you should relly not reinvent the wheel.
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    @paranoidAndroid those are generally built in though, so technically they are not really 3rs party libraries.
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    @paranoidAndroid I agree, I'm not saying you should reimplement fprintf! But if you have to write a csv writer, you're so better off doing that yourself rather than adding an unnecessary dependency!
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    Library's are chill and all but you should be stoked that you're able to build it our yourself.
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    Well build libraries thrump custom code almost every time.

    1 has thought out API that is suitable for many situations (so can be easily users in other projects when you know it)
    2 is maintained/security checked by many others
    3 decreases the knowledge footprint of the project. This is usually a good thing.
    4 drastically decreases development time (not even counting maintenance, yep shit gets updated eventually your code has to follow)

    I almost never consider closes source stuff. It had to implement some seriously hard to do things well to justify its usage.
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    @7Raiden and that is probably why so many CSV writers go apeshit when the data contains a newline or other "special" character...

    When dealing a well defined common problem it's probably already solved properly. No need to do it again poorly, just use the fucking solution at hand.
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