whenever my team starts on a new project we're all like "okay we're gonna have MEANINGFUL commit messages this time guys"

*5 hours later*

$ git commit -m "go fuck yourself"
[master a7b9de] go fuck yourself
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 0 deletions(-)

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    There are two kinds of devs. Those that have a beautiful git log with meaningful commit messages, nice separation of changes and so on. And then there's people who use it like a journal:

    - fucking shit not working
    - going for dinner now
    - found the bug
    - have to sleep
    - shit CI failing
    - really sleeping now
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    @paranoidAndroid what about a mix?
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    @graic you mean people are not binary? Nonsense!!
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    Stuff like this also happens:
    - [+] Added feature XYZ
    - [*] Fix feature XYZ
    - Fix again
    - 2nd fix
    - Fix fix fix fix
    - fuck
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