Chuck Norris can compile CSS into an executable file.

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    We all can do it bro. Just rename .css to .exe. Will it work or not that's another question. I'm sure the one Chuck Norris will compile won't work too.
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    Chuck Norris jokes are dead mate.
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    Chuck Norris can align divs horizontally without google it.
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    @JS96 Yes, well, vertical alignment is the troublesome one 😋
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    Chuck Norris can have multiple inheritance. In Java.

    Chuck Norris can put curly brackets in Python, and it will work.

    Chuck Norris can make Skyrim play without glitches.

    Chuck Norris does not need to ctrl alt del on windows, he stares at it and it fixes itself.

    Chuck Norris can make IE work better than all other browsers because IE is too scared to fail when he uses it.
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    @Stuxnet bro omg say you are sorry. He knows you said this and I don't want you to die.

    Chuck he didn't mean it.
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    @AleCx04 Meant every fucking word 😂😂
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    Yes, I can.
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    @ChuckNorris I can't believe you exists! Lol
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    Chuck Norris can make python 3.5 behave like 3.7
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    Chuck Norris can ask n00b questions on Stack Overflow.
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    Y'all joking around, i bet you there are npm packages to make every dev-chuck-norris joke true.

    Even compiling css to exe.
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    @SomeOneWantsTo how can you not believe in my existence?
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    @XiovV @shaji I can do a lot more than that 😎. You haven't seen my final form yet.🏋️🏋️
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    Chuck Norris is a fundamentalist intolerant hateful anti-LGBT bigot.

    There's no punchline in the above sentence. He's not worthy of any meme-fame.
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