Don't you guys feel like sometimes we make a huge deal in regards to what is basically grabbing a bunch of shit from a db and making it display on a flipping website?

I sometimes feel bored at how repetitive this shit is. Its the same shit, with various degrees of complexity to do that get data and post data or update data.

I dunno man, sometimes i just feel like there is too much for something that is inherently simple.

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    Reason #1 im not a web dev
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    @sharktits it pays the bills man :( but I really don't feel passionate about it at all. I am meh about it. Sometimes i really dig it. But most of the time I dread it because of how fucking messy it is.
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    @Bitwise dude I was in tracked vehicle maintenance and I used to complain about it as well! Looking back at it I kinda miss it. Sometimes I wonder if we are going to have an "Office Space" kinda revelation and shift into a different field due to the repetitiveness of web development.

    Due you know about systems development? I don't other than theory. I am in a weird position in that I do have a B.S but have no clue what to do in that field and sometimes I wonder if I would ever make it to M.L(my main passion)
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