Happy @Sunday,
May you enjoy the last few hours of stressless paradise before our evil lord @Monday appears!

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    I will totally welcome 4day work week

    My ideal week consists of two working days (M, T), one short weekend holiday (W), then two more working days (T, F), followed by the regular weekend days
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    @asgs I can get behind that as I dislike Wednesdays.
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    My preferred schedule: Three 12 hour days, four days off. (Yes, That’s 36h)

    Much better than my current five 12 hour days, two days off bs. (Yes that’s 60h)
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    @Root 8h * 5d for me, but that's excluding the 5-10 hours overtime each week I end up doing.

    Although 9-10h * 4d would be nice 😊
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    They have their ways to ruin my weekend too.
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    A MTWTh 4 day / 10 hr work week, that would be nice. Long weekend forever.
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    8hrs, 4 days 😛 Fridays are a waste usually anyways.
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    I have been laying sick at home since thursday :/
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    @Frederick covid 😷😷😷
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    @NoMad Luckily not. But this happend like the day we finally get to do programming again, after weeks of project mangement & writing so many boring documentsfor other lectures, related to this project.
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    12 hours * 0 days work for me.
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