Sometimes I like to go to bookstores to see the Tech/Programming books they have.

However, there aren’t much books as they used to be 💔!

Everybody is learning online I guess 🙇🏻‍♂️

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    These aren't the books you're looking for
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    A+ books? Damn. Get out, get out now! I faaaar prefer books. Can't copy paste, if you make en error copying anything you actually have to try and debug your own code.
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    Ahh, books. Such beauties.
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    > book about Python
    > tiger on the front-cover
    > yep
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    @Brosyl that's exactly what I thought baha, why not a python? It'd be the logical choice...
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    @Brosyl seems legit
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    @karma yup! I am disappointed
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    @dufferz True that! You have to read, understand and write it line by line
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    So the avatar tiger is for people that know python ? @dfox?
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    @1989 They weren’t only old books but even more expensive than the original price in US
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    @heartbleed cool, I just started learning python too but online lol
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    I like iphone for seniors for dummies 🙄😂
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    Most book stores where I live have a tech section stocked like that one: overflowing with Microsoft Office or Windows guides. Our local libraries have a much better selection of slightly out of date books.
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    Problem is the books is outdated before they get to the store / library...
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    The latest tech book at the library near me is like "Windows Vista for beginners" or something like that lmao
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    @Taavettii so, I think this library is way more advanced than yours 🤣 wow!
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