Looks like I'm getting fired on Wednesday :)

Long story:

*I add first unit tests to project.

*Boss adds new functionality and breaks all the tests so I can't compile and write more for what I'm working on.

*Boss is very fragile and cannot handle any comment that can possibly be taken as a slight against him.

Me: "I wanted to ask what our policy on unit tests is please? Because we haven't really said how we are treating unit tests, and everyone myself included is not thinking about them. I also haven't added tests when I fixed bugs and this time your changes broke the tests"

Boss 10 minutes later: "I want to speak to you in private".

Boss: "you are too forceful and direct. You said I should have added tests."

Me: "yeah but I didn't mean in a nasty way"

Boss getting louder and more aggressive: "You are too forceful"

Me: "I didn't mean it in a bad way"

Boss: "I didn't want to add tests for that!"

Me: "then why add any tests?"

Boss: "Fine we are not having this conversation now!"

*Boss storms out

I decided I can't speak to the guy about anything without upsetting him spoke to the manager before I quit because I can't work like this.

That resulted in a meeting with my boss, his boss and the head of HR where I ended up savaging him and told them I can't bring up anything as I can never tell if it will offend him and that I spend ages writing emails and trying to document communications because I just can never tell if I will upset him. Also that I cannot bring up any ideas because I can't tell if he will somehow get offended and that I can't even write code because if I change something he wrote at some point he will get angry.

My boss claims that I am extremely forceful and disrespectful and that I am constantly insulting him and his decisions.

We go back over a ton of shit and I refute everything he says. In the end I have to have a meeting with him on Wednesday where we either get things straight, he fires me or I quit.

I think at this point that our relationship is too fucked for him to be my team lead on a 6 man team.

Side note I keep bringing forth ideas because we have one database shared between 6 Devs, no pull requests (apart from mine and another new guy), no test driven development, no backlog, no team driven story pointing, no running tests before merging, no continuous integration setup, no integration tests, no build step on merge, no idea of if we are on track to our deadline other than his gut feeling, no actual unit tests backend - just integration with a test db, no enthusiasm to learn in the team and no hope.

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    He’s not the main boss?

    If he is walk out.

    If not, talk to the superior in the meeting and suggest you take his job since he can’t run a team without getting upset or angry.

    Tell him that they expect results and he’s not performing and you will

    If nothing else, they’ll think you have huge balls
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    ++ if he is the main boss I'd leave also. If he is going to be anal about simple suggestions like this then christ knows what will happen in future.
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    What a tool boss!
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    There’s the door 🚪 use it 😎
    I mean that in a nice way though.
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    I am not arrogant enough to think with 2 years experience i can run a team on a project that will sink or swim the company. They would laugh me out the door :D
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    Sorry to hear that, yeah you should leave or change team
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    It is a never ending face palm. The other day I was pulled aside because because my boss said he would do something, I didn't remind him, he tried to blame me and I disagreed.
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    You may be best to leave anyway. You won't learn anything there.
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    @craig939393 why are you struggling? Ask to have a superior in the meeting. Listen to what he proposes at first, then just politely tell him “I refuse to have this meeting without an HR manager”.
    Only then you are capable of showing HIS superiors that he is incapable of handling situations, managing team morale, and solving internal issues (yes, I call this an internal issue).
    He cannot and will not fire you In a million years, because if you were to get fired, you would have been by now. This meeting isn’t about you, it’s about him. HE is given the chance to sort things out, not you... and he cannot afford making a bad impression...

    Best of luck man... always remember, less talk, more listening to what he is going to say and you’re good to go.
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    It's been 2 hours and I have a 45-60k telephone interview tomorrow. Fuck it.

    Good advice though.
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    Don worry dude. Even after working hard, If u don find enough respect or trust in the environment where u work, then move out bcoz u know how talented u are and trust me u will get a better place and environment to work, study and go further. All the best dude for ur new job😀
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    @craig939393 I’d still do it 😂, nothing to lose if your other option is leaving
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    Get out of there as soon as possible !!!
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    Update - I resigned the next day, my old team lead is now 100% fucked and won't meet a hugely important deadline for the company, and he looks incompetent.

    He decided he didn't want to work with me through my notice period so I'm now on full pay at home for a week while I look for a new job.
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    @craig939393 congratulations on getting out of that asylum 😂😂😂
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    I've had some offers, turned most down. Considering a 30k offer. That's quite a low offer but they are using proper agile methodologies, modern cloud services like azure or aws that I haven't tried, they have proper teams and it's all just very laid back and modern - crucially I would be surrounding myself with people much better than me.

    Downside their offer is 5k below other offers I've got and it doesn't look like it will increase.

    Upside there is a bonus each year you can take as stock and their stock is going well, and they intend to sell to Microsoft or something eventually (if you can believe that).

    Also they verbally told me if I do very well they will happily reassess and up my salary (but obviously that seems unlikely).

    Opinions? I could hold out and get that 5k and a good company, but so far this one is the only one I've walked away from the interview and felt good and know I could learn tons.
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    Got a shiny new job with a 6k raise. The universe provides.
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    The #1 reason people quit jobs is because of their manager.

    That’s pretty fucking sad when you think about it.
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    @devios1 I'm now very paranoid about putting anything forward incase it causes backlash. My new team is doing angular without the cli and against the grain of what angular is about. Today I had to explain to a mid level Dev that you could escape double quotes inside double quotes and the newtonsoft's jsonconvert exists and what it does...

    This is very hard to navigate now I'm afraid of saying something could be better.
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    ++ man, good luck! Let us know how it turns out
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    @AlpineLinnix I resigned
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