Applied to a Jr. Dev job and was hired as a Digital Marketer — I can deal with this, I’m AdWords & Analytics certified. What I can’t abide is that I spent the last year working my ass off learning to code and the person next to me with the Jr. Dev position only uses DIVI and has zero inclination to study, learn or write basic HTML & CSS—much less PHP. I’m not an expert by any means but I love programming, I love the problem solving, the challenges and the culture of it all. So far, and these are only two examples, I’ve shown him how to use the target attribute to open a page as a new tab, and how to register a nav in the functions.php file to create a menu but he is unwilling to even attempt it. Rather, he told me that I was too technical and that no one would be using code in this day and age.

For the record, I think DIVI is a cool platform, it’s clear that my boss knows nothing about code to be fair and I love my job— this is my only issue so far😂 I just needed to rant.

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    I bet he's using visual composer and, god forbid, revslider too.. ugh.
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    @theMaintainer I happen to like both of those plugins when I'm doing a WordPress site.
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    Uhm. A junior dev thinking that no one would be using code in this day and age? Is he related to the CEO or something?
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    @totoxto if he isn't related to the CEO then he will forever be a Jr. Dev
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    @totoxto nope, unrelated. The CEO really knows nothing about programming. Most of the sites here have been contracted. So when our Jr. Dev goes on about building the sites he eats it up. Meanwhile I sit there wondering if my eyes can roll any deeper.
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