All major browsers render this simple 'square' differently

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    Reading the comments to that tweet, I cannot avoid thinking that's some pretentious bullshit once again. Why would Edge be doing it right? It produces triangles just like most of the others. None of them are doing what I would suspect would happen when looking at the properties.

    And that box-shadow is effectively a negative outline doesn't mean it should work the same with such a hacky combination of properties which make no sense anyway. Use box shadow like that and see what happens.

    Thanks for wasting my time, random Twitter dullard.
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    Too bad Netscape wasn't there... 😂😂
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    That's not a simple square. That's some super weirdly written CSS and he should get punished for that much attention on a non-existing issue.

    Please tell me exactly what you would like to see happen given those properties?
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    I thought it was some wierd browser logos.
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    That is dogshit css. And the guy is a twat.
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    LOL if edge does it right (clearly someone don't use it)... Must be bullshit
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    @helloworld don't hold back. Tell us what you really think!
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    I’m struggling to care.... he hasn’t said what he wants to achieve, just shown us something that looks different in different places.

    He might as well show us a golf ball in a glass of water and then the same golf ball in a cup of coffee and point out it looks different in each for all the good this example is without a correct rendering of it.

    Why inset the outline by 100px then offset it by -125px? That seems like he’s approaching this backwards.
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    If you change the offset to a different value, chrome renders it like ie.
    If you change it back it still renders different than initally.

    Nonetheless: how about not being crazy about side effects when doing stuff the wrong way?
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    my personal hero:
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    Intentional bullshit.
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    Paraphrasing time!

    "*breaks vase* OH SHIT! LOOK! THE VASE IS BROKEN! OMG WTF!!!!"

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    The guy just posted an interesting fact, but you guys are raging like as if he said it was an actual issue. Yeah, it's shit css, but he never said it wasn't.
    Edit: sry for necro, algo pls
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