Not really a fight, but a disagreement that lead to some big changes in my mind.

When entering my school, I still had a part of me wanting to do game development.

I'm gonna make it short : We wanted to do a game in Java at school in first year, but one wanted to do it in C because didn't feel good with Java.

And I always sum that experience up by saying "Never again." The atmosphere in the team was very friendly, but that's the only good part of it. I hated doing that project, and it removed that small will of doing game dev (as a paid main job).

Maybe it would have changed if it was later during my studies, since I was still learning how to code during that project.

But I guess it showed that I was maybe not that motivated to do games.

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    So because you had to code a game in C you don't want to be a game developer?
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    @GMR516 it may sound fool, but yeah. As I was still learning coding stuff, I didn’t like developing that game and it kinda scared me on doing games at bigger scales
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