Friend: Atom
Me: Vs Code

Friend: Light theme
Me: Dark theme

Friend: I believe there's some kind of energy that rules our destiny.
Me: Haha, seriously, no

Friend: (Starts telling me about some proposal of how he's going to build something).
Me: Yeah that's not going to work.
Friend: (Gets angry and proceeds to explain his idea on a whiteboard)
Me: Ahhhh yeah, sure it looks great
Friend: Dammit!!

Me: (I start telling him about some proposal of how I'm going to build something).
Friend: Yeah that's not going to work.
Me: (I get angry and proceed to explain my idea on a whiteboard)
Friend: Ahhhh yeah, sure it looks great.
Me: Dammit!!

If we didn't have such a solid friendship, I think we'd hate each other by now hahaha

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    Atom cool but light theme not cool.
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    @const My thoughts
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    Thats what makes the bond stronger
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    @devTea I'd say what makes the bond stronger is to be willing to listen to the other party's opinion, not just to blindly stand for your own
    I'm not going against your comment, just adding my two cents :)
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    Did you ask your friend: spaces or tabs?
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    function foo() {
    function foo()

    #nospace comment
    # space comment

    and web browsers?
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    Katanas VS Zweihanders
    Pepsi VS Coca Cola
    Plants VS Zombie

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    @krazycavin we agree on using tabs XD
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    i am that friend! FUCK U Marco!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    I'm in the middle of these two dorks... Light them vs dark theme, tmux vs iterm , etc etc etc.... The good news is the we all agree in having a beer
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    light theme? Throw him in the pits of hell.
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    @const Friend uses Atom but likes Light theme? Is there even a light theme for Atom?
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    @andros705 yeah actually never seen that, but light theme in any text editor I'll not prefer that
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    @marcorodnav Now I know why your friendship is so solid.
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