Her: What's source control?

Me: Explain

Her: Why do we need that? I don't see a purpose

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    Seems like you didn't explain it good enough.
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    Who is this 'her'??
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    Oh she will know. She, herself, will become source control's advocate.
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    We had an intern who refused to use git, why do it complicated when you can just upload it to googledrive?
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    @Codex404 clearly he/she had never written software. I cannot even imagine trying to understand my old code without looking at individual commits.

    What happened with the intern? Did they learn git and change their opinion?
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    @DLMousey very well put
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    1. Copy & commit the project locally into a repository.

    2. On the original (Google Drive/Dropbox/Windows share/whatever), start changing random bits of code, deploying to production multiple times a day.

    3. When everything is fucked up beyond repair, tell them they can install git, and set your laptop as their remote to restore.
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    @DLMousey let's not forget another fundamental point: collaborative work.
    Two people editing the same file in different ways, each overwriting eachother's changes every time they upload to google drive.
    What's that, manual integration of both changes? Lol, good luck with that!
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    @palash25 we gave him the choice to work with git or find another internship. So he started using git. But 3 weeks later he was gone because he wouldn't work with anything.
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    Why do you need her ? I don't see a purpose.
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    username says it all
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    @Codex404 I know a few such people who are reluctant to learn anything new just because they are not comfortable with it. Clearly with this attitude they can never write good software.
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    @palash25 definitely an attitude u cannot have, if u want to be a programmer at all :D
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    My colleagues...

    Then I showed them why I use it along with the huge amount of times it saved my life...
    then, they are like: "ah, still don't care"
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