Today I needed the scroll lock key.

I was running a super long test suite, one which puts a green dot on the screen every 500ms, so you can't scroll up. I needed to view some output of an earlier command... in other words, I needed to lock the automatic scrolling of the terminal.

That is what the scroll lock key was made for.

A momentous occasion.

Then I found out that a while ago, I used the macro function of my keyboard to rebind the that key... to close the current terminal window. 😡

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    For the curious: ctrl-s (lock) & ctrl-q (unlock) work much better in most terminals.

    That's also the reason the Nano editor does some angry mumbling at you when you instinctively press ctrl-s to save a file.
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    BAHAHAHHAHAA !!!!!!!

    idk how you do it but fuck you are funny.
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    😟 oh noooo
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    and you can of course always use "script" to store the output of your command for further investigation

    $ script

    $ your command

    $ exit

    or simply

    script -c 'your command'
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