The oldest religion war of them all (kinda) :
vim vs emacs vs ed.

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    I like cat
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    Pfff whatever you choose, nano overpasses them all.
    *starts a war*
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    *Black hole opens*
    *random explosions start*
    *matrix is falling apart*
    *people running on the street, screaming*
    *sun explodes*

    Jokes aside, I like both. I use Vim for small tasks (including LaTeX as of right now) and Emacs (more specifically Spacemacs) for development.
    But ed or nano? Nano is for lazy people who are too afraid of Vim, but ed? Seriously? Ed was used in times where people didn’t have screens and the output of a command was printed on a paper roll
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    I like vim. there, I said it.
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    ed? here's an explanation from where grep comes from. Explained by one of the inventor of UNIX Brian Kernighan.

    🎥 https://youtu.be/NTfOnGZUZDk
    Where GREP came from - Computerphile
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    No one uses ed
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    I use emacs for lisp coding since it'S the only thing I know of that provides a repl for it and is a sort of standard where I work anyway.

    I also use vim occasionally too.

    Emacs is a world of it's own though.
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    @hasu is lisp worth learning, do you think? What's it usually used for?
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    @j4cobgarby I think it is worth taking a look at, since it has a very different style and feel to it, so just to widen the spectrum it is worth looking into.

    It is used in our case for robot planning and I know that other people use it in some way for AI.

    To be honest, the worst thing when starting on lisp is learning how to handle emacs...
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    @hasu I used to use emacs a lot, so that shouldn't be a problem, and I think I got a feel for lisp with the emacs config
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    @j4cobgarby nice! There is a book where one programs little games in lisp in order to learn it. I don't remember the title right now... but I can look it up if you want. There are also tutorials out there and one free book, explaining lisp in more detail, although I found that one rather hard to start with but that depends on the style of learning one has
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    @hasu that tutorial sounds good, if you can find it that'd be great but no problem if not
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    I forgot `ed` even existed until just now.
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    @Root come on, poor ed deserves some credit
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    @heyheni that was really cool, thanks for sharing!
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    @hasu that book sounds interesting, it would be amazing if you could link it!
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    So the free in depth one about lisp is: http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/

    The one I paid for is: https://amazon.de/Land-Lisp-Learn-P...
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    @hasu awesome, thanks!
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    @Giocol ya welcome :)
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