What do you think about Electron?

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    it has it's usecases.
    It's like cordova for desktop pcs.
    Atom, VS Code, Slack is built with it.
    and it's easy to use.
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    @heyheni yea and its free.
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    Use with caution, it's easy to write an electron app with serious security flaws.

    It's a neat way of using the web stack to write cross-platform apps that have OS level privileges. The trade-off is non-native UI/UX and performance, which can take a lot of work to overcome.
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    @nate yes of course.
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    First time I make a 📍 - I'm looking to make an Electron app (with AI learning computer vision Ml on the blockchain for my social.js framework ofc)
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    That its an awesome quantum particle.
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    It allows the app to have better looking UI (because JS/CSS) but makes simple apps like disoxrd or vscode using at least a GB of RAM each compare to a terminal based alternative that takes almost nothing.
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    unless you have unlimited ram resources available i would suggest to look for alternatives
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    Looks good on your resume, but that's it.
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