Working from home, the office is pretty unbearable in this heat.

Anyone else feel like conference calls in your underwear is a top work from home perk!

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    just did a conference video call unshaved and in pijamas 😄
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    Just make sure to turn the camera off first! 😂
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    Yes yes yes!

    The weather service here regularly issues excessive heat warnings (and fire hazard warnings) here -- generally always in effect from late spring to early autumn -- and the office doesn't have sufficient air conditioning.

    So. I haven't been to the office in months. Because screw walking outside. I get sweaty within a minute or two, and heat exhaustion within an hour.

    Makes the boss annoyed, but I really don't care.
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    @Root I also get a kick out of annoying my boss. I don't do it intentionally, but when it happens, bliss.
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    I don't know what everyone seems to want video conferencing. Well, OK, body language is important in communication. However, I don't really want to communication "hung over and just out of bed".

    My voice sounds very professional, though.
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