When someone hiring you for an internship harasses you to maintain your code after the contract's duration...
Just stop treating me like a customer service and get on with your project man

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    I hope you're not as... mentally lacking as to have actually done it, right?
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    @wannabee No, I just told him "Do this, this and this" (like "run npm install" and "npm start", mainly) since it was the usage I intended, but I didn't go any further. I know that once you make a change for free, they're always gonna want more.
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    Ok, so you're not lacking, actually i consider you've been a good fella there.

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    @wannabee Well I could at least remind him of the steps to take ;)
    What's a program if you're unable to use it? And what's a programmer if they aren't making good programs?
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