I just helped a blind person find his way to the exit of a train station as I noticed they were searching for it, but missed it due to a small step to the wrong direction. There's hardly a better feeling than helping out with the small and simple stuff!

What good deed did you do today?

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    It wasn't today, but a while back a blind man was crossing the road but walked at an angle and so was left trying to navigate his way (the wrong way!) around some railings. Pretty scary!
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    @Alice solid.
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    @Alice Pink gets pinker every time you fail at that.
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    I managed to not tell 2 people at my current job how much I hate them by now... does that count?
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    @Alice Hate when it happens.
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    @CoffeeNcode no, doesn't count. We have stroopwafels in our country, so there's no reason for hate, except not eating enough stroopwafels.
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    Hey, isn't that the girl who killed half our town four years ago?

    Ah, no man. That phsyco didn't wear a fake mustache and weird nose glasses.

    Phew, almost got scared for a while.


    Did you accidentally move back to the town you pretty much murdered after fleeing from murdering another city?

    Never again, with Michael's silly mustache and nose glssses.
    Michael's silly mustache and nose glasses Incorporated, where families are a tragic murder just waiting to happen.
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    @eeee what if those colleagues ate them all?
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    Life is hard, and then @Alice will choke you to death with a chicken sandwich.

    But what a life it was. To the very end, it was glorious. If I only knew what she was doing with the batteries. But alas, dead I am.
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    I made two cups of rice (steamed) for the local birds.
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    I refrained from posting a sarcastic comment about CMake for 24 hours.
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    My good deed of the day comes from a few months ago when I saw a car catch fire on the highway. I was driving my not-yet-fully-built-rally-car, and luckily had an extinguisher under the passenger seat because racecar.

    Good times
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