Does anyone know selenium?
Is it recommendable and trustful?

I want to create some java-app that login into different Websites with my accounts and collect data.

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    Selenium is on my list of awesome libraries.It is very simple to use for what you want.Ive used it with python and Java and it makes interacting with web pages to collect information from elements or click them very easy.
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    I used Selenium with ChromeDriver in C#.
    It works great until the web page changes and then it could all break.

    Depending on what you are reading I would recommend HTMLAgilityPack because it has a nice way of reading <table> and turning it into a DataTable.
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    Let me clarify, Selenium to automate the page and find your div or span outside your table, then load the Inner HTML into HAP and parse the table element to DataTable.
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    @bkwilliams @zmzmuazzam98
    Thanks guys ✌🏽
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    Using it for ui tests in a large app with java.. it works well, but the wait method sometimes is tricky
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