Some former colleague just blatantly commented out units tests I wrote for his build to pass. What the...

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    Your colleague has the right idea 😈😈😈😈😈😈, jk but that really sucks smh. I sometimes find that commenting and writing unit tests are the hardest part of software engineering at times.
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    Don't work hard. Work smartπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
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    Comment out his push rights. πŸ™‚
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    @Root 🀣

    Or put him against a wall and yell "FIRE!", if you're lucky, a shooting squad will finish him. πŸ˜‰
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    @Root I’d love to do that to some coworkers, but the company policy is „we only do what the client pays us to do“ so we sell testing.
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    what a fucker
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    @fml89 That's like a construction company selling code inspections as an extra. 😑
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