Update?! Fuck windows.

While playing Tower Unite, i spammed my spacebar.
Windows opened a window that i confirmed that something by spamming my spacebar.

It's a stupid windows 7 update.
Thank's windows..........

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    wait till you get to enjoy the win10 updating cycle, better get used to it, updates are you friend
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    At least you could disable it on win 7, try win 10
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    @devTea it's a good thing that microsoft finally squeezed its balls to force people to update, there has been enough damage by people not updating out of laziness and then also complaining that it takes so long to update, after not having updated for a year.
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    @JoshBent but isn’t bad to do this, some people like me got a limited internet quota and the updates just take too much of it. I have tried all sort of things but this automatic updates just randomly turns on again
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    Fucked up just like ASP.NET
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    @devTea that has nothing to do with your limit though, that's gonna be passively drained by e.g. buffering youtube videos, pages getting preloaded and more too, updates are unavoidable and essential.
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    @devTea not to say it doesn't suck to be on a cap internet, but updates are important either way
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    @devTea You can disable it on windows 10 too, I know because I did.. permanently... it just required some permission hacking and patience... aaaaand I've completely fucked up my PC in the process, but I had never to fear updates ever again, until I decided to reinstall my PC because this whole avoiding updates idea was completely bs. You can still avoid updates by disabling some services, then it's not permanent, but it still works most of the time.

    Now I update my PC once every 3 months, or when there is an important security patch.
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    @devTea I know, everybody say that.
    But i'm lazy, and i'm pretty sure that windows 10 is wavy, use more RAM.
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    And, if i should update it to win10, i prefer reset my computer...
    But for that i have to save all my files, and some that i don't know where they are now lol.
    And i will have to download my games again so Garry's mod for example with all the addons (nearby 50gb)
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