I had originally written a rant, asking about workflows. It then devolved into something much worse > Reddit-like taunting and whining.

Reference rant(https://devrant.com/rants/1554055/...)

Now before I go any further, yes I fell into his trap and sort of got taunted him back. Ill take half of the blame and hate that it might deserve.

So new question, why do people start off reading a rant (I thought my rant was a genuine question) and immediately enter a dick fighting contest? - myself included

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    No idea, it seemed like a reasonable question that descended into a lot of nonsense.

    I don’t use gulp but based on that, I know no less about it 😂
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    @C0D4 I'm honestly so confused about that entire convo. I don't even know who was making what point by the end of it 😂
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    @Rundle I was gonna comment what is gulp but by comment #3 i decided to not lol
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    Most people are assholes some times. Me included. I thought you had a good question though. But I must admit that I'm not above being an asshole myself sometimes.

    Sadly, the only web development I do is shitty interfaces for hobby projects. And my designs are minimal to say the least 😀

    So usually it renders alright on any device I might use.
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    @BigBoo @Stuxnet I was feeling the same way, question was spoiled. I was actually looking forward to seeing some replies, seeing what other people are doing. But like I said, I fell for the bait and kept replying for some reason :/
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    You can’t debate with stupid people, so in future my friend, simply walk away.
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    Wow, I’ve never given so many downvotes in a single rant in my life. You had nerves there.
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    @2lazy2debug lol I know, I should have just stopped / deleted it
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