Where did hugh-mungus go? I liked the guy 😢
You'll be missed pal. May the dad jokes forever be with you!

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    Humongous what!? Humongous what!?
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    @pollux "that's my name! It's Hugh Mungus 😇"
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    @Condor you god damn bastards, stop deleting your accounts lol, I think I caught some sort of starting fight just recently in linuxxx rant comments between him and alex, which they wanted to get into a seperate rant, to not put that into linuxxx' sad rant, so maybe @alexdelarge can tell if it escalated?
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    Wait that guy deleted his account?
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    @Condor tag me if alex answers here, because I don't check comment notifs anymore and would like to know
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    @JoshBent alright 🙂 and wait.. they actually had a fight in linuxxx' sad rant of all places? Heartless 😑
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    @Condor oh no, you misunderstood, hughmungus answered about some metaphor that alex did and alex then asked him to move to another rant (to further talk about it), out of respect to linuxxx
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    @JoshBent ah, I see.. seems reasonable 🙂
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    @AlexDeLarge oh, doesn't sound like that was the reason then at all, wonder what actually happened, let's see if @oudalally saw some sort of last message.
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