This attachment :D Quite similar as Vim users in 2018, despite free great alternatives like VS Code :)

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    “Free great alternative” does not cut it. For me to even consider switching to another editor, it must improve my workflow over Vim in *all aspects* or else it's not worth it. Up until now, no editor has achieved that.

    VS Code might be nice, but it's not as powerful or ubiquitous for me.
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    @fuck2code vim fast start-up is only true when you use local user with vim installed, on single server, that does not change often.

    In cloud-era, machines are short-living and NFS-based $HOME is painfully slow. Been there, and 99% of default ~/.vimrc sucks so badly I can't use them. 15s vim startup was a norm (few plugins only but still vim loads them before startup)

    Also, editing a file on server via SSH is one thing, refactoring variable in 2+ files - another. VIM was not designed to do the latter.
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    Let's not start this war again. You use what works best for you and the world can suck it.
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