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Two incidents that I'd like to share.
So here in India two major streams for college are engineering and medicine (others do exist). So entrances to both these colleges are based upon entrance exams. So here are two "events" that happened this year and worth mentioning.
Incident 1:
The exam for the engineering stream had a section where the answer is a number with up to two digits of decimal. Range is (0.00 - 9.99) So apparently this two decimal precision created some confusion and the court decided that if the answer is precisely "seven" then only the candidates who've marked 7.00 are given marks while those who marked 7.0 or 7 were given wrong answer.

Incident 2:
So for the medical entrance, exam was for 720 marks (180 questions * 4marks each). So every candidate from the state of Tamil Nadu were given a full 196 marks as bonus because the translations from English to Tamil we're inaccurate.
Now I need to mention that around 300 marks would fetch a decent seat in a government college.

What the fuck is happening? One the only thing they're supposed to conduct every year is also messed up. And who the fuck created complicated shit like 7.00 is correct while 7.0 and 7 are wrong. I mean should the candidate worry about the getting the answer or marking it?

For those who don't know wrong answers are penalized heavily and there's huge competition.



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    To be fair is the engineering question mentioned significant digits or significant digits are expected knowledge then the decision is fair. Some how I don’t think that’s the case.
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