LPT: NEVER accept a freelance job without looking at the project's source first

Client: I have a project made by a company that is now abandoning it, I want you to fix some bugs

Me: Okay, can you:
1) Give me a build to test the current state of the game
2) Tell me what the bugs are
3) Show me the source
4) Tell me your budget

Client: *sends a list of 10 bugs* Here's the APK and to give you the project I'll need you to sign an NDA

Me: Sure...

*tests build*
*sees at least 20 bugs*
*still downloading source*
*bugs look quite easy to fix should be done under an hour*

Me: Okay, so, I can fix each bug for $10 and I can do 2 today

Client: Okay can you fix 8 bugs today for $40??


Me: No I cannot.

Client: okay then 2 today for $20 is fine, I want a refund if you can't fix them today


Me: Look dude, this isn't the first time I am doing this, aight? I'll fix the bugs today you can pay me after check they are done, savvy?

Client: okay

*source is downloaded*
*literal apes wrote the scripts, commented out code EVERYWHERE
Debug logs after every line printing every frame causing FPS drops, empty objects in the scene
multiple unused UI objects
everything is spaghetti*

*give up, after 2 hours of hell*
*tfw averted an order cancellation by not taking the order and telling client that they can pay me after I am done*

Attached is an image of a level object pool
It's an array with each element representing a level.
The numbers and "Final" are ids for objects in an object pool
The whole string is .Split(',') into an array (RIP MEMORY BTW) and then a loop goes through each element in the split array and instantiates the object from an object pool

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    If that is unity oh no

    Unity + C# + spaghetti = hell
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    @CozyPlanes It is Unity. Thing is though, with Unity, you always end up with spaghetti after a while if you're not using a framework.

    But there's still 2 types of Unity spaghetti. Readable spaghetti and "wtf is going on here" spaghetti. If you try to not have spaghetti code you will end up with Readable spaghetti which is aight considering its unity. But boy oh boy if you're not trying avoid spaghetti you're gonna end up with shit that only you can decipher
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    @Paper324 Let's download Bolt. (lol)

    *Bolt : Visual scripting asset available for purchase
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    Are those prices for real?
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    @refex aye, it would've been less than an hour's work, if the code was structured correctly, for the first 2 things.
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