Game devs/other content creation people, how do you version control large asset files? So far I've been using git, but is there a better way?

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    I am searching for a good solution for years now.
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    I use git for the code and git LFS for everything else.
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    @ewpratten yeah, git LFS is literally designed for this sort of thing.
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    Just read about Git LFS the first time.

    So, main features of are the local cache and parallel download after cloning. Anything I am missing? How does it handle updates to large files?
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    LFS is great, but has some downsides:
    -Cloning/Pulling takes a lot of time because the download procedure is very inefficient.
    -Only works via HTTPS, no SSH support.
    -No easy multi-remote. Having multiple servers to push to will mostly result in pushed references to all servers, but the real files only to one.
    -There's no standard way to delete remote files.
    -Everything more complex than "saving binary files in my Github repo" is a pain or, sadly too often, simply not possible (yet).
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    Normally I'd suggest Git LFS as has been suggested earlier, but on GitHub I've quickly ran into a quota with that. Instead I'd recommend hosting large asset files in your own server. Or even better, just write an installer to your GitHub that fetches the entire repository from your server and works from there - this of course implies that you'd move your entire repo to a personal server. That way you can centralize things there, while still allowing people to approach the common software source GitHub.
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    @ewpratten yup, I'm using the same setup. Okay, seems like the best thing around.

    @Condor, interesting, I'll try it out with my "server" at home first (old laptop lol)
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    It sounds to me as if LFS becomes a pain in the arse as soon as you want to migrate your repos. With a more individual solution, like @Condor proposes, this is not an issue.
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