So I was working on a Web Assembly project and when I ran my build chain everything compiled fine, when I would run it however, I'de get random exception when I changed things like a value of a float. After 3 hours I realized the build chain had been "finished" while it was actually still writing out a file, and when I was accessing the web page, the file was corrupt for the first 30 seconds or so. Spent so long trying to fix something that actually wasn't broken FML.

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    appart from that how's wasm working for you? are you satified with the benefits it offers? tell us about your experience with web assembly. I'm curious. 🙂
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    @heyheni so I'm it for opengl, and using emscripten for building, and most things are working really well. A few issues I've had to overcome are: the GLFW is supported but there are some issues with it and documentation is not always available for everything so I switched to using the well documented emscripten window/input callbacks which were relatively easy to addapt to my engine framework. You can't include external libraries which can make some tasks a bit awkward. The available closure compiler that is packed with emcc mangles the naming on one of the functions I use so currently I'm not using it but it shouldn't be difficult to make my build chain fix the mangled function after its generated. I've included a picture of a GPU skinned mesh rendering at 60 fps in chrome on my phone. The model has 52 bones and WebAssembly handles it perfectly. I've set up my code base to use the emscripten preprocessor directive to allow me to compile the code base on any system and it just works!
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    @hexc wow! how cool is that! 😲
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    @heyheni yeah, I'm really happy with the outcome. It's also awesome from an efficiency standpoint, using gzip or brotli compression on the binary file formats used by web assembly for the .wasm and .data files work Really well. That web page only transmits around 450kb of data on chrome with brotli. The wasm loads instantly also. (It will probably slow down once there are more assets etc but I'm sure it will still be fast)
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