Okay, so there's this thing I've noticed. Whenever I find another job the old job suffers very hard very soon. So far there were these cases:
- goes bancrupt wthn a month after I left
- the department gets closed due to reorganisation next week after I left
- a sinkhole opens up right under the 14 stores building I left 2 months ago
- and today... 10 minutes before I go to a job interview on my lunch break prod db pulls a failed-hdd-and-all-data-is-now-lost stunt...

Every single workplace I've left suffered a lot. Is this some kind of a superpower? Can I fight evil with it? Should I put it on my cv? Should I let my manager know...? Or ask for a raise? :D

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    You're cursed 🧙‍♀️👻🎃
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    Your girlfriend knows this?
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    Get a job at Google and Microsoft pls :)
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    because of the timespan after its very unlikely you are the reason for this. for example a bancrupty is smt about problemd thats going on for lots of months probably a year or more before it rly takes place so, and reorganisation should be discussed already months before also so... dont worry
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    @BadCompany how many yours ex-workplaces have experienced smth like that after you left them? Mine - 100% :)
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    @netikras haha in that case follow zepdoss advice, but start at apple pls 😜
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