So I just started to use devRant on browser and noticed it shows the whole text from a rant, instead of putting read more just like the one on phone. Created a script for that thanks to @JoshBent

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    @JoshBent thanks again for creating the black theme script, I also learned about tampermonkey from that
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    Looks nice but one thing is that the app uses [read more] instead of (read more)
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    @terraria99 I know I just prefer the ( ) since it looks more like a text
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    Tampermonkey 😍🙊
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    @karma why are you calling @JoshBent a Monkey? 😂😂
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    Isn't this the exact opposite of what you usually want? More required clicks=bad
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    @devTea awesome, I am glad I could inspire you to create stuff! you could create a repo for it and have it added to awesome-devrant repo we have :)

    @Fabian we had a discussion about this being a native feature and came to the conclusion that on desktop it's actually nice seeing the full rant while scrolling indeed, but a user script is optional and targets only those who still want that option
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    @JoshBent but you know, it's good night @Floydian 😏
    Edit: Goddamit, I have shit in my eyes I think 😅 enough internet for today! Keeping the comment for good night @Floydian though 😋
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    @Condor lol what? that was random
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    @Fabian I’ too tired too scroll and if I want to read it I would just open it.
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    @JoshBent @devTea initialization of /dev/brainfart caused $Fabian to wrongfully be declared as @Floydian :')
    Eh, let's call it a BSOD by sensory data corruption or whatever :v
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    i kinda like seeing the whole text ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @zlice you monster!
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