Why mostly developers do job, why they do not work on thier ideas and make apps?
I am tiny developer and started programming because i have few ideas to work on, but what i see is no one is motivated here to work on ideas

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    Me, me, me, me...
    Check my posts, full of crazy ideas.
    I have lots of projects suspended, because of a burn out... Like, you know the new feature for camera object recognition? I started building the same thing when Microsoft vision appeared, with a version for kids and other like Google lens... Never finished the app, only needed visual improvements... Two years later I pick the project (trying to finish any project for self worth and picked a half finished one), did some search... Fuck someone already has a better app (months old) with downsands of downloads... Could be me gaining a boost to my paycheck.
    Still I have my first worthless app on playstore, don't know how it has downloads, a good rating and I'm getting a euro per month... For a worthless very specific barcode scanner with a add bar. Indians love it. Only did it to learn how to post a app and I'll end up getting my money back.
    I'm on heavy medication and I'm starting slow, already thinking how to make money with apps and arduino modules...
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    I see working on your own stuff as an investment.

    There is an opportunity cost: you are investing time (non-recoverable), potential earnings from that time and there's usually an emotional investment too.

    Your investment could completely fail, or you could do really well and the gains surpass what you would have expected to achieve in employment.

    IMO, the potential upside has to far outweigh the downside. If it doesn't, I think it's easier to 'play the game' in employment if you're willing to play the salary game. The work may not be what you want however.
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    @Torbuntu thanks bro, can you tell me what kind of side jobs we can do like, there i heard one is freelancing using fiver.com and freelancing.com, other some job like doing in offices and being teacher, we also can earn money through own apps using adsence, is there anymore way that i have missed mentioning.
    I belong to financially non-stable family that's why I'm collecting information so i could be hopeful to some extent
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    @Torbuntu @GyroGearloose @nate
    I am from Pakistan so when a good app is realeased globaly it doesn't get released for Pakistan mostly, so there i think i get a chances to work already popular idea for my country.
    For example chinese develops cool apps but they don't publish it to playstore.
    And in Pakistan there are not a lot of android developer particulary who knows material design, so what do you think do i stand a chance to make apps by stealing ideas
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    @Torbuntu Stable income > the unknown
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    @GyroGearloose i am also thinking to learn IoT and Computer Vision because it is cool to me.
    But i don't know how the hell market works and i don't know any person who can be my mentor xD
    In Pakistan bachelor student learn his 1st language now you can think how efficient we are,
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    this is inaccurate. yes we have jobs and we come here to rant about them. but i know many devs who still do their projects in their freetime.

    On the other hand doing "an app" isn't that easy and properly not in everyones repertory.
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    Well I got a job because I didn't want to live with my parents until I hit the lottery. I once just wanted to just travel around and do side jobs, but I can probably do that better later in life when I have my degree and established enough skills to work as a freelancer. Not my master plan, but that's an option I might consider.
    But I also work on private projects in my spare time.
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    Well if you had a really good idea, you could start a company to make it happen. Then you would employ other programmers. What you can do by yourself is very limited.
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    @Torbuntu stealing and making better is competition.
    Stealing and making worst is a rip off
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    My tips:
    - If your new in programming watch a few YouTube tutorials about pseudo programs or logic programming.
    - To make Aps really fast and beautiful I recommend mit App Inventor. Thunkable is the fork I'm using now because it works for android and iPhone (with limitations) or classic for full native apps with access to anything on the phone.
    It has a gui to draw the app, blocks for code (not that good for large projects with lots of code, but possible.
    - For IoT it's arduino. Don't buy the good stuff. A real arduino can go from 15 to 35 euros (arround the same in dollars), you can get anything from China (I personally like Aliexpress), Arduino uno for 4 euros, nano for 2 (you prototype in uno and make th é product with the Nanos), shields can go from 0.5 to 10 dollars (the 1 dollar modules can go up to 40 dollars with branding). Btw I have almost 100 packages with arduino stuff coming, started, last month. You can also mount modules to sell (imagine you can implement a security sistem at someone's home for 20% of the price of the same sistem with branding and you can costumize it to the client, can also give a few dollars once in a while).
    - Other ways to get money (and you can implement with other ideas)
    - Personal blog or web site with your projects or your app main site, also with adsense or other pub, extra money
    - if you start doing DIY, a blog /site plus youtube channel, little more money (some from the site ads, other from YouTube)
    Btw there are people with university license on languages getting 2000 euros a month doing online classes (videocall class) (20€ hour from the article I've read). This example is for a company and languages, but when your good enough and if your unemployed you can offer class / help by videocall about any subject, even ants, how to plant potatoes or anything. If you charge 10€ for half a hour (even a hour) and get a few regular costumers, lots of money (think 1000 dollars up when you get a good client base).
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    Sorry for the long post. Just to finish, some of the ideas I've said aren't mine (actually none), companies were creared on such ideas... Not everyone make it, but if you make 10 apps, each gives 20 dollars a month's its already good money
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    Ps: forgot to say, I prefer thunkable over App inventor because they have admob extentions (while on app iventor you can get ads but with Webview, wich gives less money) and they update faster, with material design and a few extras over app inventor.
    That's the IDE (the programming language is a mix of GUI drawing with blocks) I recommend for anyone to start. For noobs a week App would take months on Java or even kotlin and everything is in blocks, easyer to learn but also great for experience users to make apps faster.
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