My app just surpassed 100 downloads, I’m programming 2 new apps without really running in bugs, holidays have started, and I’m going to Canada for half a year :) pretty good going

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    Sounds like your life is awesome at the moment! I'm very jealous of you going to Canada, I have two friends there I wanna visit, but I can't afford flying there at all..

    Also congratz on the 100 downloads!
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    @AlexDeLarge the 2 weeks will be great tho for sure
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    @jonii thx :)
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    Dude my app that does nothing has 600 users and gets me 1€ a month. Keep it up and tell us (me) your experience latter
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    @json-Bourne WHIR, Dirk Hulverscheidt
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    Sound great! What are you using to develop your apps?
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    Congrats! Where are you going in Canada?
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    @Puff near Vancouver :)
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