When you manage a large project and 1 of the devs helping you is bitching about 10 mins daily status meeting "in other places it's not like that " ... Who the fuck cares , this is how I want it to be so unless you are going to do 50%of the work like I will then come to the meetings and stop bitching , it's just 10 mins dammit

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    I understand your point here, the problem I have with status meetings is on average everyone gives a real brief update that could of been sent in an email. My big problem is your interrupting the "dev process" for a 10 minute update.
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    Get the projects on slack, keep it up to date. Status meeting abandoned.
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    For me, sometimes an in-person update works a little better especially if a little discussion is needed for certain items. Slack can be good to but I sometimes fine when I do group status updates in it no one really pays attention to what anyone else adds and if that's one of the goals then it might not be the best.
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    isn't devrant for developers and not for PM's who THINK they do 50% of the work?
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    whoa, wait, did devrant just go IRL for a moment?
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    @casat09 a developer can also be the pm...
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