Let's say you are just diplomed and got hired in a small dev company.

Let's say the company is eventually really boring, and it mainly devs with Drupal (see my profile to get my opinion about this CMS).

Let's say you leave, find a bigass society, they accept your desired pay per month, and tell you that, no, there won't be any Drupal in your future work.

Let's say that you come on monday and the first thing people ask you is to check you Drupal level, because you're going to be needed a in future projects.

What would you do?

This happened to someone who joined us this week, the dude who hired him (and no it's not a recruiter (almost sadly)) sweared him that wouldn't use Drupal, and it's been a week and he did only that. Should he just GTFO?

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    GTFO. Drupal is my worse nightmare.
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    Start looking for a new job and move in one continuous and smooth motion.

    Actually he should first discuss the situation with the boss people. Maybe there is a very simple solution.
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    GTFO. These mofo’s only care about (short term) money and don’t care about this guy or his ambitions
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    Really depends, did the company have an old project done with drupal and does he only need to change a little thing or does he need to make a new project with drupal.

    Everyone has to do something sometime. If its the first just do it. If its the latter suggest if it can be done with _ _ _ _ and if its not possible confront them with what they said. If its still not possible then GTFO. Ive seen a few companies who do this on purpose to see how a new hire will react to certain things which can be part of a personal training.

    The company I work for has for the interns a small project which they have to finish in a day, something impossible, because I have made it twice and it took me a bit more then a day.
    Its just to see what type of persons they have. Some people might copy shit from internet and hack things together, other people might tell the PO that its not possible, and others panic and dont do anything at all.
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    Any of the reactions is fine because they are interns, but using that information you can help them grow on a personal level instead of only development skills.

    It might seem a bit harsh but it really helps them (and me too when they did the experiment with me)
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    Thank you all for your input, I'll talk to him next week :')
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    Companies should hire maybe only bootcamp people for CMS, who have minimal coding knowledge and just learnt a bit for sole purpose of finding a job. It would be a perfect match and also the company would not need to pay too big salary. Forcing a real code enthusiast code to do CMS is not fair.
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