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    If beer < 3 = beer++
    If 3 < beer < 10 = beer++
    If beer > 10 = beer++
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    i don't quite understand anything but the last line. and i don't understand that, 10 and you need water and aspirin? what does aspirin even do? why do you need water after 10 drinks?
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    Should be while loop tho 🤷‍♂️
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    @jonii the 2nd and 3rd one's have a line under the greater than and less than meaning greater than or equal and less than or equal.
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    @zlice hangover the next day is what the last one means
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    @CluelessBanana but what's a hangover ? XP

    (i'm genetically an alcoholic but i didn't drink til i was older so i just take super amounts of liquor to get drunk)
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    This is oddly relevant to me right now...
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    @hexc damnit didn't see that, but also not sure how I would do that on my phone
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    @jonii >= , <= ? Lol
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    @hexc oh, yeah.. I'm sorry I haven't really slept yet (8am here) :D
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    @jonii instructions clear: drank INT_MAX beers
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    Guess you could abuse an integer underflow here.
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    unsigned long long long beer = 0;
    while (true){
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    should be signed, you can lose drinks by having too many too fast and throwing up

    should be while(!blackout)
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