How the fuck do you stay focused on one task?!

Writing code, is like browsing YouTube for me. I begin by searching for a Hibernate tutorial, and end, 3 hours later watching a video of a cat chasing a dog up a water slide.

How do you stay focused on the task of writing the specific class, method, package you set out to achieve when you sat down for that session??

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    Well I don't stay focused either, but my experiences are rather productive and still funny. I was supposed to create a little mod in Java, I ended up writing a tool called "GradleIt!", which automates some tasks like versioning and copy to output directory and it has a music track, which should hype me everytime I create a new build.

    The other time I was supposed to write a simple timer, now it has automatic upload and download feature, is completely customizable, can decrypt my self-made .ejs files (though I might change the file ending), can update itself.. oh yes, and the updater is completely customizable itself, so I can just use it for other projects as well.

    Yeah, only problems with those two things are that I never do a actual progress on the projects, soooo... Might gonna change this behavior.
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    Step 1) get the fuck off youtube
    Step 2) work it out, or stick to textual answers only
    Step 3) no cat videos stumbled upon.
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    i use browser in text mode with an extension, it helps

    but anyway, when i reach the point to hate the project for some reason (stack, ppl, tasks or whatever) it's freakin hard to stay focused.

    it shouldn't happen, but still...
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    Really? I usually start with googling for something like "how to use 'x'" (x being some Linux or BSD command that is not working for me in a script but often end up on topics like "build your own TCP stack from scratch" or "how to cross-compile x86_64 CentOS kernel for ARM"...
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    Sorry, yes, the YouTube thing was a metaphor. I spend no time on YouTube... But I do start by trying to write the 'listCatalogues' function, end end up refactoring the ORM and setting up a new Dev Ops pipeline!
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