Just got myself into Slack
My laptop is trying to handle the desktop app when im also working ... well ..
Sometimes the whole laptop stops responding

Is it just me?

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    @Alice well ... fk
    I convinced today a "client" wich is one of my friends , to join slack so i could manage the projects in a better way and also get feedback from her
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    It's not horrible, it's just shit.
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    @Alice slack is great, electron is shit.
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    @C0D4 If electron is bad, wouldn't discord and vscode also be bad?
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    @DrPitLazarus electron is shit out of the box, and unless the company or project contributors deal with electrons natural order of consuming all ram possible the end product ends the same way.

    VsCode, discord and I’m sure there is others deal with electrons faults, so they produce a more stable, less resource hungry product.

    It’s kind of like comparing a Ferrari and a VW beetle as the same thing simply because they’re cars.
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