“Our code is our documentation - it’s produced in such a way as to be explanatory, logical and clear, and annotated if/where needed”

Really?? That's the reply you give me when I asking API documentation for handover ?

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    But is it ? Bécasse if it is, you might find some lib to extract that to some html file... That's what we do.
    So is the code self explanatory ?
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    @jotamontecino i was asking for api documentation.
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    Man thats just laaaaaaaaaaaaaazy :/ when they said that good code is supposed to be 'self' documenting, there is no way in hell that API documentation was implied.
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    Sometimes the test specs are so good it is like documentation.

    Also, there are documentation generators, maybe that is what they are talking about?

    Any way, all APIs should have documentation, so you are fucked, document it yourself.
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    Ahahahaha wtf
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