Dropped Comcast cable & phone. I have to keep their internet. 11 days ago after cancelling the service on the phone I went to UPS store and shipped their equipment. A few days ago I get confirmation email that my equipment has been received by them. Today I get my bill and it is the whole bill despite my cancellation and despite the fact that I was without any service for 13 days. So I call them for a wtf session and they tell me my services show all up and nothing has been cancelled. I have to call the cancellation department again tomorrow because they are closed Sundays. I have had at least twenty calls with Comcast this month. At this point I am willing to pay twice the going eat for Google Fiber just to get rid of Comcast once and for all.

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    Comcast are criminal.
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    Ive had much better response from cancelling services in person. Call centers could care less.
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    Yeah ... you're going to have to go in to a service center in person and make a big stink. It's the only surefire way.

    For everyone at a call center, their monthly income is literally tied to how many people they can prevent from cancelling or sell new services to. At the beginning of the month they are given a $$$ bonus amount and a threshold number. Every cancellation ++ onto their threshold. Once they reach their threshold, their bonus goes away.
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    Particularly at the end of the month, when they are near their thresholds, it can be pretty much impossible to get a cancellation.

    But, no matter what, it's the threat of money out of their pocket if they can't get you to not cancel.
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    Too bad you're going to have to wait another 3 years before Google Fibre decides to setup in your city. and then you'll find out that because you technically beyond the city limits you're out of the range of coverage. But!! you _might_ receive coverage after they expand to another 125 cities nation wide... maybe.
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