Hello there..

I always wanted to have my first post here be something that pisses the sh!t out of me.

tl;dr: Memes are for braindeads and kids are fucktards

So basicaly I am now having a summerjob before my next semester starts so I can make some cash to buy some overpriced stuff I dont probably need. I work at a factory, 3 shift work and today we had Night shift, so there was me and a bunch of Arab guys, kicking our asses by pure boredom and desperacy.

Act One:
I was bored, opened my phone and decided entertain myself by some funny sh!t I can find on Mark Sugarhills webpage. I was just passing by some random a bit funny stuff and then I found some random ass meme, which doesnt give a single, even distant sence to me.. So since my german is as good as my coding skills (read: complete shit) I couldnt ask for opinion of my fellow coworkers and since its fuck1ng 4am theres noone to ask on messenger or whatever. So I did it... I asked in a goddamn comments, what the fck is that supposed to mean and Aw dear Lawd... I did a mistake.

Act 2:
Like 4 seconds after my question I had a response and I was like 0.o It has to be some Alice of Facebook so I guess someone cool. Oh boy I was never so wrong. The answer... the... FUCKING answer was.... "normie."

What the actual fuck?
Like man statisticaly speaking, there is 200,000 people on this wannabe funny site and since everyone is apparently laughing their asses off, I am the motherfucking original snowflake.

But I wanted to play it cool... was like Uhm sorry, I really tried but cant figure it out.

His fuck-me-sideways-with-rusty-crowbar answer was:
a) The joke is hidden in some random thing we created yesterday and decided to call it a culture
b) "u dumb"

Act 3:
I hope that most of you finally guessed it! Its the second fucking answer and oh sweet mother of pain, please find him, BUT thats where I flipped and fucking lost it.

The fucking nerve to speak to me like that u dissrespectful piece of shit. Go watch some Twitch, while I SSH into ur ass and hit u harder than ur mom her forehead everynight when she realises that she could have swallow you dickhead.

I was always worries that my child would like to be a Rapper, or Youtuber...
But today Im adding being some dumb ass meme creator.

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    Meme pages on Instagram and shit like that are full of trolls in the comments. Anyone with a brain that has seen a meme page knows that.

    So you're basically blaming memes because of trolls. A bit faulty logic and assuming everyone that likes memes is an idiot makes you an idiot.

    Welcome to devRant!
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    @Floydian My comment still applies...

    They're generalizing meme users because of a few fucking trolls.
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    @Floydian Nah I'm not hurt or anything lol.

    I get people don't like memes. I do. (In person, I'm the meme guy so i guess it transferred over to here 😂😂) We all have our own opinion lol

    I'm growing to be thick skinned like Alex at this point.
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    @Stuxnet Yes, in some way you are right.

    In some way I critise both, at first I still hate that guy and you are right that I do generalise meme users, but thats not a bad thing or is it? I mean why would people create subcultures if is there no way to generalise it?

    And if you especially look at the community of memes, you cant unsee that the vast majority is toxic trolls, but thats not an excuse for them, nor the reason for me to overlook it.

    So if I am idiot to not tolerate idiots, then I am kinda ok with it.

    But really I am feeling cool now, I just wanted to share my bits of story.
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    @zututukulipa Honestly, the meme community has two parts: the toxic and cancerous trolls and the mainstream meme pages.

    First one has all the cancerous trolls, and the memes are often reat fucked up and offensive.

    Second one has the "normal" memes that are occasionally a bit fucked up, but rarely is.

    Stay in the normal community and you're alright.

    ~ 5 years experience as the meme guy of my classes lol. (Plus I follow some accounts from both sides. I never comment on the toxic meme accounts. Ever.)
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    Tbh even in the darkest of meme pages, if you don't get a certain meme, check d comment section and probably someone wud've asked and sm1 might've explained. Idk if im lucky cuz I've never seen much toxicity in recent times, mainly cuz ppl don't feed d trolls
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    When normies started looking on memes, they got bad.

    I miss memes like loituma, all your base, rick roll.
    I miss the good times when internet was a place to escape to, and not depend and live on.
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