WTF Woke up this morning and found my email used to register to a website called fiverr.com!!

What is even worse is that at the end of the email where they have that section of: this email was sent to ..., the name is random letters

Even more ironic that website does not allow access from Lebanon ....

I think it is time to change my email, been getting a lot of spam into my inbox lately, though Gmail has a good spam filter :\

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    fiverr is a freelancing platform.
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    Someone freelanced themselves to create you an account, now you've got to pay their invoices mate.
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    @GitGooder @PrivateGER what is more funny I received another email couple of hours ago that my account was suspended to terms violation XD

    Not sure if I should be happy or shocked or both lol
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    @gitpush Shockingly happy?
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    @GitGooder hahaha no I mean happy that account was cancelled or shocked because I got an email of my account being cancelled when I did not sign up for that account in the first place lol
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