Job Qualifications:
Proficient in PHP, MySQL, and PHP Frameworks
Experience in Bootstrap CSS

Required Skill:
- C <----------------- ??? The hell is this!
- C# <---------------- ??? What the?!

Probably a startup company???

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    Probably for porting some projects from C and C# into php 🤣
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    @diobert C is commonly used with php in larger legacy projects. (PHP Extensions are normally written in C and for a lot of legacy integrations it was easier to just use C (since the software you had to integrate with had a c client lib)

    C# is a bit odd but some companies have mixed environments. (Legacy php + new C# projects are common)
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    Actual job: Setting up WordPress
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    Maybe the point is to keep pure PHP coders from even applying.
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    Cmon, we all know you can't truly be proficient in CSS without knowing it's predecessors: C and C#

    Recruiter is just using a belt and suspenders approach. I think it's fair
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    Well, CSS is just improved version of C and C# . So why not.....
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    Pay: $15/ hour
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    "Other duties as assigned."
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    @Archaic i hope this is a joke, i make more than that as an intern.
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