Everything was going fine in the Interview, then:

Company X's HR: "So if you are selected in both X and Y, which one would you choose 😊?"

Me: 🤔🤔🤔 Long deep thoughts...

HR: "😒 I know your answer is X, But why X 😑?"

Me: Oh.. X! Hmm.. 🤔🤔

Successfully Rejected

If you are sitting for X's interview, you have to always choose X with no lag, even if Y= Google.

All well; Ends Well: Placed in Y👍

PS: Here, X, Y and Me are real-life entities.

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    It's a bullshit question. If you get asked that question, then company X is a no-go. Either answer gives you less leverage in salary negotiation. A company that asks that question is a company where advancement happens only through ass-kissing, and merit-based increases are a fraction of market levels. They will tell employees who question these policies that they are, "lucky" to have a job there. It's a culture of negging. Run from X. I'm glad you got a job at Y.
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    Wait is Y google or was it really just an example?
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    @WIPocket Just an example dude 😁. So that you can get the feelings (feeling is important).
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    @bahua Yes, you have the accurate analysis. RIP X.
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    I don't mean to be that guy, but as generally follows after that statement, I'm gonna be that guy...

    I'm glad that at the end I got to find out that you were a real life entity, lol 🙃
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    @bahua so what would your answer have been to such a question?
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    "Do you seriously want me to answer that?"

    -pause for response-

    "Okay, we're done here."
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    The only correct answer is: "Now is your time to impress me."
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    @irene would be my honest answer as well lol

    idrc about where i work, as long as i get money in return and it's something I can enjoy
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    Good. I would've walked out if someone asked that question. If the interviewer is that stupid, how dumb would the company be.
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    @hashedram Indeed, True 😃
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    This questions are norm in placements.
    How was our interview process compared to the other companies?
    Why us over them? What if offer a lower package then your current offer, would you still come to us?

    I think these kindoff questions lost me my last interview. Just because I had two offers already.
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    Who the hell rejects in HR, and that too based on that type of question.
    If someone has invested his time sitting and clearing the interviews then obviously he is willing to take up the job.
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