I finally gave up with windows (especially 10)
Used to be behind it and support it but the last bunch of updates is causing more of a headache and dont get me started on the "oh you disabled automatic rebooting..... going to reboot anyway and give you a 10 minute warning while you are asleep".

How bad did it get?
I have built a plan for my linux install that will allow me to play most games via linux (thansk wine and DX2VC) and as i love playing Sea of Thieves, got a few things set up so that when i start the windows vm, it will unload my gpu, give it to the vm. when i shut the vm down, it will reload it back into linux (thanks to joeknock90 if hes on here)

Tested this with my laptop with an external crappy GPU and works surprisingly well

Sources where i got where i am:

and yes Linus's vid also gave me a little push as well

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    Eehm you cannot just unload your primary gpu and give it to the vm. That's not possible. Take a look at how the software unraid does things. In order to use the gpu you have to booth without loading the gpu and then assign it to some vm. But unloading from a live Linux that's running your desktop is not possible
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    @theKarlisK and what is that hint? Normally if you load the driver for the gpu it's too late and the driver won't let go of this gpu.
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    @theKarlisK and the pass-through requires that the device is not used anywhere else
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    I switched while still in college, and haven't looked back. Once you go all in on Linux you'll feel weird just looking at a Windows machine - like people think this is acceptable?

    I fix problems on my partner's Windows PC from time to time, and I feel like I'm using a toy OS.
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    @fuckwit On a linux host its possible with vfio and abusing modprobe. Check the github link above. You do need to load a custom rom for the VM so it doesnt try and reinitialise.
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    @bezorp I use linux on my laptops all the time. Only real reason i stuck to windows on my main machine was games (and in this case Sea of Thieves which is UWP and the only reason for the VM)
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