I'm 4 days old to this company. I spent 40 minutes debugging why the internet is not working. I asked the IT Guys for the support and they said everything is good.

So why the fuck is the internet not working? I rant at them. The IT Guy told me to calm down and then he will help me. So I calm down and again went to ask for help. He said that he will check it out after breakfast.

It's been more then an hour and he hasn't returned yet. I'm going to complain to the Boss when he comes in. This is not cool man.

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    You broke the protocol. You rant here, not in real life.
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    Aww ... I had this as a dev behind a frigging firewall at my previous job, how can I make api calls if the firewall will not let me lol...

    Took 1 week bro, serve some covfefe
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    Just come to him. Yell at him. Then he will be scared. Tell him to fix it. Now 2 options:

    1: He will fix it. DONE.

    2: He says no but then yell at him more so he is more scared and then tell him to open the server/networking room so you can fix it yourself. After fixing it tell him how stupid he is. DONE
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    Don't go making enemies before you've been there not even a week.
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    @ThreadRipper I wasn't at fault. It was the proxy that that was down. Those fuckers are not behind proxy that's why Internet was working fine for them.
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    @bezorp ahh too late. Today they knew whom not to fuck with.
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    @ThreadRipper I had the same question. Maybe will ask someday
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    I used to do tech support.
    Just tell them what your problem is, give them all the info you have and cooperate. Don't rant or yell at them, I know it can be frustrating, but if you're nice to them they'll handle you preferred in the future.
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    @jonii I got pissed off when no fuck was given to my issue. I didn't complain to boss regarding this.
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    @error503 still stay calm. Repeat your problem and tell them you can't figure it out and if somebody has time to check on it. If that's not the case, investigate a little more e.g. in this example ask your coworkers if their internet works and then come back again being a bit more pushy. Like I said, I know it can be frustrating, but if you get angry they're less likely to help.
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    Hard agree with @jonii . Presumably you'll be working here for at least a couple years (and in the tech industry in general for many more). If you start treating your co-workers like adversaries you'll quickly develop the wrong kind of reputation.

    Maybe there's a cultural component I'm missing here, but the real red flag for me was when you said IT asked you to "calm down." In my experience, when another adult says that to me, then either I'm way out of line or they are. You should not have to remind a grown-ass adult to be chill at a place of work.

    Anyway, I'm glad the internet issue worked out for you in the end. Just watch out for yourself.
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    Did you switching off and switching on the computer??

    This should fix the issue
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