when you are an ios developer and have 8+ projects on playstore

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    Is that how low the requirements for a dev are today? Or those ar just the expectations for every dev to pump out apps on the app stores? What if you have that ammount of apps but they're not on the google or iOS stores but on alternate app stores like the amazon one?
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    @theKarlisK I think what they meant is have a good amount of published apps, but what I meant is that ios has app store not playstore
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    @bigworld12 haa - nice one... I didn't even pay attention to it until you pointed out. xD

    But what if you have, 20-something shitty little apps with 2 or below star rating? Does that qualify? If not then one could argue "why - it wasn't specified".
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    @theKarlisK good old NFRs, they always forget those :-D
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    that orange rectangle seems small, it must be written +100$
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    @interstellar 150 actually
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    Why are you making fun of them?

    I have 20 Android apps in the App Store

    and 10 iOS Apps in Microsoft Store!

    and 5 Windows Apps in PlayStore

    go write some code before you laugh at people :3
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