My fiancee was a developer and is now starting recruiting. The recruitment agency knows that she's a tech girl. I'm trying to push her to get all the IT recruitment jobs, because we all know that java != javascript, she does too, but 99% of recruiters do not. Whats the best way you were approached by a recruiter? And should she show to the recruitees that she has tech knowledge? Would you , yourself look at a recruiter that knows about IT differently? Advice appreciated :)

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    I'd treat a knowledgeable IT recruiter differently than the rest, in small ways like the details given when answering technical questions
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    I've personally never dealt with a recruiter per se. I was interviewed for my first (and current) job by one of the company's senior solution architects
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    I was contacted by a few, but not that many so I could give an opinion on.
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    I don't think I've ever had a "good" recruiter approach that I can remember. Most of them use a scattershot strategy so the vast majority of jobs I hear about from recruiters are ones where I'm not remotely interested in the job, the job wouldn't be remotely interested in me, and it's in completely the wrong location. I think the last one I got (few weeks ago) was a recruiter trying to sell me on a Java tech lead position 100km from where I live, non-remote. I haven't done Java since college and I'm not willing to relocate.
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