I have been a frontender for a long time. I recently showed interest in backend development, and said to my boss that that is what I would like to pursue. He said that was never going to happen and I would only be a frontender in this company.

A lot of horrible things happened, some of the Lead Developers bailed and another developer flatly out committed industrial spionage on the company.

Then because of shortage of staff, gave me backend tasks, which all I completed within deadlines with few exceptions of course.

My project manager was very impressed about it.

Then I noticed the project management didn't concern themselves with ongoing projects, they became more focused on customer support and management of unhacking etc.

I noticed a wide gap that made it so all projects went past due the time because lack of coordination and planning

I stepped in because I was annoyed that this was common practice in the company.

While my two bosses were on vacation, they nominated me to be the "boss" of the company.

I earn close to minimum wage, and I felt this wasn't fair if I was to continue to do what I have done. So when our boss called us into a meeting and he said that he was going to move slowly away from the company, he said we should keep the reins of the company.

I didn't say much then, because I didn't feel like taking on so much responsibility I knew I wasn't to gain anything from more than knowledge.

I confronted him today and told him how I have felt throughout a long time. He basically said I hadn't proven myself and because of my young age, I didn't deserve to have more right now.

I was annoyed, he said he expected the same from every coworker and that I wasnt special or unique and that I could easily be replaced.

Not to mention I never got to finish a sentence without him interupting me or raising his voice to deafen out mine.

Have you ever had this experience and how did you feel? I feel terrible to be honest..

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    Sounds like you should start looking for another job if possible.
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    The gain in knowledge is useful. At a lot of companies you have to basically perform the role of the position you want before you can get it, which is kind of backwards, but a lot of people are hesitant to promote you into a position that they aren't 100% sure you're already ready for. But if you're doing management work for minimum wage, and if you're being disrespected at work on a basic level (being talked over) then it sounds like the gap between the job you're doing and the job you're recognized for has become way too big. Write down everything you're doing for this company, summarize it nicely and stick it on your resume. Then get a new job and use your experience here as proof you deserve a step up. The easiest way to get a promotion in this industry is to change jobs.
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    There is always a door to walk out. Or you can take vacation so that they will realize your worth.
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    Just quit . It's better for your health . Trust me . I experienced the same thing . When I left the company, my boss threatend me with bad recommendation .
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    If you're unappreciated, leave. Especially if they consider you replaceable.

    Also, your boss sounds like an arrogant prick. I hope someone steals his kidneys.
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    I make more than minimum wage as an intern, you should not be doing management for min wage. FFS you should at least get a raise.
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    I'd leave though, with the experience you have you should be able to get something better somewhere else.
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    Welp, that would be my one way ticket, self-bought, to GTFO that company.

    Dude, I'm assuming you have a nice stack and now you're able to prove that you can full stack. You can do anything dude!
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    @GitGooder Thank you really. I honestly didn't get why his response was so hostile as it was.

    He basically said he was dissapointed that I took that talk with him and talked in length how he was the one hurt by me coming out.
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    @Root I am counting on it. I had to tell him three times during the conversation, that he needed to let me finish my sentences.
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    @AlexDeLarge Honestly. I didn't think he was this bad. I think he was really insulted by me saying I was being treated different than others.
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