Just uninstalled Bubble Witch Saga 3 from my Windows 10 *Pro* system.

Silently installed for me, even through I've never installed a Windows game in my life.

Changed the reg setting, so we'll see if that is an end to it.

I've never been a Windows hater, but they are really testing my patience with this shit. A *paid* business OS that downloads crappy games.

Are they intent on turning Windows into a Shovelware platform? This is the sort of thing which would cause me to leave the platform for good.

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    Shovelware? No no no, Shaftware :')
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    @Condor Yes. Shovelware would be a game that wasn't designed to extract a never ending stream of gold from me.

    186Mb of shit on my lovely SSD. MS are doing some sensible stuff in places. I can't help but feel they are giving up on Windows and leaving it to their ad people.

    It wouldn't by so bad if I didn't have a Windows Pro licence. If I was getting freebie, OK...but this is nuts.
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    I'm still concerned as to how people have shit like this happen.

    I uninstalled all the garbage they install as default (groove, news, movie &tv, ect) as well as the bloatware shit like Candy Crush. Yet it's never returned.

    I don't understand it. At all lol.
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    @Stuxnet I think that it's similar to the vendor software in Androids.. initially installed but when I removed it from my system it didn't return either :/
    It's certainly fishy to hear Microsoft do this on a Pro machine though.. you'd expect the cost of that to make up for the advertising needs.
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    Yes, this is such a shame and really unacceptable imo.
    This was my most hated thing about Windows 10.

    I still could understand something like this for the home or education edition in some far away perspective. But doing this on the Pro edition is unprofessionalism at the lowest level.

    My guess is that they're trying to squeeze every penny out of it as much as they can.
    Money > Customers
    Like almost every company these days.

    The worst part is that they have a 100% bloatware free OS called Windows Enterprise LTSB.
    Good luck getting it tho
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    @Condor It has never happened to me on any machine I've ever owned.

    I still can't figure out how people have such a difficult time with this OS. It's the easiest thing I've ever used.
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    OS: *freezes*
    OS: *updates & reboots*
    OS: *shitty features*
    OS: *Internet Explorer*
    OS: *reset preferences*
    OS: *extensive data collection*
    OS: *short term profit > long term customer trust*

    Lots of issues.. and especially for advanced users it's been so full of shit. WSL is a step in the right direction but to this day it still feels so clunky... Not to mention that on native Linux hosts, months or even years of uptime aren't an exception :/
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    @Condor Windows isn't perfect, but neither is Linux. And tbh, it seems more like Linux is just as far away from perfect.

    Since I've used one distro, it's not a final choice.

    >>Finds and old CD I made.
    >>Curiosity takes over
    >>Pops it into Linux machine, since it's the closest machine that can read CDs still.
    >>Plays 10 seconds of the song then stops.
    >>Tries a different media player
    >>It won't load
    >>Downloads a 3rd media player
    >>Won't play the songs
    >>Pops it into the family desktop
    >>Loads and plays instantly
    Wasted 15 minutes of my life on this shit.

    0) I've never once experienced an inconvenient update. Ever. It's been 7 or 8 years with a laptop, and about 5 before that with a desktop. Never.
    1) Uninstall IE. There's methods of taking care of it. Did it recently because I was unaware it was still there.
    2) Again, never had preferences reset.
    3) The average user doesn't give a fuck about their data. They just want something easy to scroll down their garbage Facebook feed.
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    @Stuxnet Windows is indeed easy to use. And I've experienced few crashes and lock ups. However, I've removed crapware from it a number of times now. It's not a weekly occurrence, but it is an ongoing issue.

    Apparently this doesn't happen if you authenticate with active directory. If that's true, then I find it poor that I'm a second class citizen---when I hand over a chunk of cash for my MSDN subscription.

    And, frankly, I shouldn't have to remove games from a pro business OS even once. But installing apps that it's clear I don't want...without authorization..is beyond acceptable to me.

    I want MS to get on top of this as I think Windows is a decent OS. I'm one of the faithful, but they are turning me into a non-believer with this bollocks.

    Technical issues I can accept. Using my paid OS to spam me I cannot.
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    @8BitOverdose I wish they would sell LTBS to everyone and not just as enterprise. variant. But Microsoft would probably see it as an excuse for letting us pay extra for a standard feature.

    "Oh, you want the unbloated versions of Windows like whats we sold for the last 20 years? Only for extra $200... of course we know you paid that amount already."

    What is even more worse, that most users don't care...
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    @platypus Heh. Try having a link to Vudu and Priceline.com on the start menu (go fuck yourself HP).

    I get it. It's annoying and all that, but I just find it hard to believe that their bloatware magically pops up time after time.

    I've owned my laptop for a year now, and it's never had their bloatware reinstall itself. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I've personally never experienced. The only thing close to that is I've had the photos app disappear, which was confusing because I never uninstalled it.

    But i mean, as long as there are ways to remove their garbage, it's not the end of the world to me. Just adds to the fun of setting up devices at the start.
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    @Stuxnet Clearly your experience is different to mine. I just remove the game prior to my rant. And the installation date was end of May.

    I don't find it fun to be monitoring a work OS for crap and removing it. I've definitely got better things to do than piss about with an OS unnecessarily. The very point of using Windows is that I shouldn't need to be sodding around with it.
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    It's also somewhat hypocritical that MSFT rightly called OEMs out on this a few years ago.
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    @fuck2code I just used something similar to that not too long ago. Completely forgotten the name though.
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    @fuck2code I used it for more preventative measures lmao.

    I never got notifications before, but you never know. Those sneaky bastards could come out of nowhere.
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