I need to add a certificate to an Apple ID. First time doing that - should be no trouble.

> Open Xcode
> Xcode --> Preferences... -> Accounts
> Select the correct Apple ID
> Manage Certificates...

Hmm. What's this '+' button?

> Clicks the button
> Categories show up - no descriptions for their use beyond names. Maybe if I click one?
> Clicks arbitrary category
> Immediately creates a certificate and adds it to keychain
> Can't be removed from this window
> Must be revoked from Apple's portal and then deleted

I feel dumb.

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    You feel dumb because you tried to use what seems to be a shitty UI?

    descriptions should be given, or at least a link to where you can find out more.
    You should be able to remove the certificate from the same or similar place from where you added it.

    You shouldn't feel dumb for using a shitty, limited interface. Just an assumption though, never used xcode myself.
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    @GCHQ Thanks. Yeah, I didn't feel dumb the _first_ time I did this...

    But the real story is that I first did this months ago and did it again today :D

    I agree; it's really badly designed. I hate Xcode, and I'm glad my interaction with it is limited to stuff like this - although I'd love to do away with it altogether.
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    Don't feel dumb for some shitty tool with abysmal UI and unfuckworthy UX. Not the first time, nor the second time, nor the nth time. It's not you.
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